Chicken Coop

Geodesic Chicken Coop

Geodesic Chicken Coops by Zip Tie Domes

US Patent 8,590,216 - NZ Patent 602,216
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Geodesic Chicken Coop
Geodesic Chicken Coop

Geodesic Chicken Coop

Geodesic Chicken Coops by Zip Tie Domes

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Geodesic Chicken Coop

Geodesic Chicken Coop

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12 Reasons to Purchase

(1) No tools are required for assembling our Geodesic Chicken Coops. Just use the 120 lb heavy duty zip ties to connect the struts to the hubs. The instructions are easy, and the struts are pre-cut and guaranteed to fit perfectly.

This is better than building a wooden moveable coop, where you need a drill, a power screwdriver, a skill saw to cut your struts, and a table saw to split your 2x4s into 2x2s. You also need the carpentry skills to use these tools, and all 10 of your fingers.

(2) The Geodesic Dome Design is rugged and sturdy. You may build a rectangular chicken coop out of PVC pipe, but you will not be able to do a chin-up on them, as in our video. Our domes are very sturdy!

The other PVC chicken coop designs use PVC joints that are meant for plumbing, not construction. These plumbing joints crack and break due to the leverage placed on them by the rectangular design in a standard PVC chicken coop. If you drag a rectangular PVC coop long enough, the plumbing joints will crack and break.

Our Geodesic Chicken Coops use interlocking triangles based on our patented hub design. The hubs are meant to be flexible, and are specifically made for construction, not plumbing. The hubs use UV Resistant 120 lb Heavy duty Zip Ties, with all parts guaranteed for 2 years.

(3) Our Geodesic Chicken Coops are lightweight and easy to move. The 10' Geodesic Chicken Coop is only 83 lbs in weight, and is easy to drag across the ground. The dome rests on rounded hubs, which keeps the struts above the ground so they won't snag on objects. This makes it easy to slide across the ground.

Now compare this to a chicken tractor that has wooden or PVC struts resting directly on the ground. Every rock, every clump of grass, and every lump of soil, will hang up against the bottom of the bottom struts when you try to move it. A wooden chicken tractor weighs well over 200 lbs, which makes it difficult for most people to even lift up one end, much less drag it over rough ground. You need a farm tractor, an ATV, or a team of mules to move these coops, and you will find it is more trouble than it is worth to move your coop every day.

(4) Our Geodesic Chicken Coops will not rot or come apart.

All wooden coops in contact with the wet ground will ultimately rot. PVC coops made with plumbing joints will crack and wobble until they come apart. Our Geodesic Chicken Coops are guaranteed for 2 years from rotting, breaking, or any other defect.

(5) You can disassemble our Geodesic Chicken coop if you need to move it to storage.

Just use wire cutters to clip all of the zip ties, and the Geodesic Chicken Coop easily disassembles, as seen in our video.

This is not true with a wooden coop, or a PVC coop that is glued together with plumbing joints. You will have to destroy the coop to collapse it for storage or a long-distance move.

(6) With our domes, the hubs on the ground keep the bottom struts about 2" off the ground, yet the chicken wire is attached to the hubs to keep varmints out. If you run over your chickens while pulling your tractor, the chickens will roll under the struts and chicken wire and will live.

With standard coops where the struts are dragging directly on the ground, your chickens will have a greater injury and may be crushed by the weight of the coop when you move it.

(7) Our Geodesic Chicken Coops are round, and have no corners for crowding and smothering. For a rectangular coop, smothering is a real problem, as chickens will pile up in the corners and smother themselves.

(8) Our coops are large enough to be effective. Other types of coops are too small, and can only hold 4-8 chickens. If the other coops designs are big enough to hold more chickens, they are too heavy to move. Ours 10' Geodesic Chicken Coop has 91 square feet of floor space to hold 20-45 chickens, yet only weighs 83 lbs. The 16' dome with 205 square feet can hold 50 to 100 chickens.

(9) Our Chicken Coops have a swinging door, and are large enough to allow you to walk inside the coop and work with your chickens. Other coops are too small to enter. and you have to wait until after nightfall when the chickens are asleep to capture an individual chicken. Otherwise, when you open the top of a wooden chicken coop during the daytime, the chickens will all fly out!

(10) Our Geodesic Coops have multiple uses. If you sell all of your chickens and want a greenhouse, just take off the chicken wire and put on your greenhouse plastic. Other coops cannot do this.

(11) Geodesic Domes are just cool, as they imitate the spherical strength found in an eggshell. What a great place for chickens!

(12) The 16' Geodesic Chicken Coop has 205 square feet of floor space for 50 or more chickens. At $365.00 with free shipping, this is $1.78 a square foot. When you buy a roll of 4' x 150' chicken wire at your local store for $62.00, the cost comes out to $1.98 a square foot. This is the best value per square foot for any moveable Chicken coop.

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Company News.

Our Geodesic Dome Hub design is now protected by US Patent No. 8590216, issued November 26, 2013, which gives us exclusive rights to manufacture our hubs until 2032.

Our New Zealand Patent 602216 was awarded on 22 March 2013 for a 20 year term. Other International Patents are in progress.